JobSeeker Payment In Australia During Coronavirus Pandemic

Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their jobs in Australia due to a downturn in consumer spending following the lockdown caused by Coronavirus pandemic.

The impact is immense and job losses is widespread across Australia.

The coronavirus is having far-reaching consequences for millions of people in Australia as a broad range of Australians have lost work and need to know they could keep paying their bills.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison battles to save the country’s economy and to contain the health crisis as coronavirus cases surge in Australia. The prime minister said that we’re dealing with a health crisis that has caused an economic crisis and this will have a toll on financial ruin that will take on Australians.

Have you lost your job due to the coronavirus? Here’s is what you can do

Apply for the JobSeeker payment from the Australian government

The JobSeeker payment has been introduced as the main payment for working-age people in Australian who don’t have a job and are looking for work. Sole traders and self-employed people, as well as people caring for someone who is infected with coronavirus, or in isolation can also apply for the Jobseeker payment.

The government has increased the Jobseeker allowance for both new and existing job seekers will receive a Coronavirus Supplement of $550 each fortnight for six months, in addition to their usual payment. The standard one-week waiting period has been waived and the step-be-step sign-up process streamlined.

How can I apply for the Jobseeker Payment?

To claim JobSeeker Payment you don’t need to provide an Employment Separation Certificate or bank statement. This is due to coronavirus (COVID-19). Services Australia encourages jobseekers not to go and line up to a service centre to apply for the Jobseeker payment during this period. To make a claim you can establish your identity or create a Centrelink Online Account over the phone or visit the Australian government Services Australia’s website:

What if my annual leave is getting paid out?

If you’re getting annual leave or sick leave paid out, you will NOT be eligible for any of the above welfare payments. When your annual or sick leave stops or runs out, you will then be able to apply.

If my partner is still working am I eligible?

Services Australia has different criteria for evaluating relationships and welfare payments, this will depend on your joint income. If your partner earns over a certain threshold fortnightly, this will reduce the payments you receive, potentially down to nothing if their income is high enough.

Can I apply for Jobseeker payment if I have savings?

Yes. You can apply for jobseeker payment even if you have savings. The government has also waved the additional waiting period which was known as the Liquid Assets Waiting Period for Jobseeker payment applicants who have savings.

Am I eligible for a payment from the government's stimulus package?

The government is offering two separate $750 cash payments to benefit recipients, including people receiving Newstart, Family Tax Benefit, a pension or social security payment, as well as veterans and those with concession cards.

The first and second payments will be applied automatically to those eligible. These payments will not apply to those that are eligible for the Coronavirus Supplement.

What if I’m out of a job because I’m sick or caring for someone who is sick?

If you’re out of work because you caught COVID-19, have to self-isolate, or need to care for a loved one, there are ways to get financial support.

The government has waived the one-week wait time for tax-payer funded Jobseeker payment, so you can access that as soon as you’re off work.

Can I make a workers compensation claim?

  • If you catch coronavirus (COVID-19) as a result of your work, you may be entitled to workers compensation which could help ease the financial burden.Your job may have involved travel to an area with a known outbreak, you might have been forced to interact with people who contracted the coronavirus, or you may have held responsibilities which contravened Department of Health recommendations.Each claim will be considered on a case-by-case basis, but there is certainly a possibility that workers compensation could help many impacted workers.

To find out more about the status of COVID-19 in Australia and how to protect yourself contact the Australian Government Department of Health



  • Services Australia
  • Australian Department of Health
  • World Health Organisation (WHO)


For more information and updates contact the health authorities in your current country

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  1. Job seekers allowance payment not received by everyone who qualifies for jobseekers allowance and for the youth allowance jobseeker who meet the criteria, the government will provide payment access for permanent employees who are stood down or lose their employment.

    Australia is experiencing lockdown restrictions during the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

    The job seekers allowance payment in Ireland has also had a number of reforms and the truth about job seekers allowance in the UK is being demanded more than ever before.

    Job seekers allowance payments in Ireland for the self employed is also applying. People can apply for job seeker allowance in Ireland by reporters 24. Self employed people can apply for job seeker allowance in Ireland from November by reporters 24.

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