Miss Sokolate's Diary 1

Miss Sokolate's Diary 1


Welcome to my diary

Let me tell you how my life has been affected by the period of Coronavirus pandemic

I live in Australia

I have been feeling like my life has been turned upside down

I feel very lost

I have lost almost all motivation to carry out my life as I used to

I don’t feel as joyful as I used to

It’s like I going crazy, and I’m struggling to cope

As many people in Australia are well into the second month of staying home almost all day, every day

due to restrictions aimed at controlling the novel coronavirus

This current situation is making me uncomfortable and I feel devastating feelings

I don’t feel like doing any physical exercises at home but I’m also restless in bed

I seem like I have lost almost all hope in Australia and even in humanity as a whole

I don’t know if this was brought by the devil or other humans

I feel like humans are so vulnerable, week and fragile

I was told that I can achieve good things in life

If I go to school, get good grades, get a job, work hard

and when I am old I will retire and be free

to see the world and enjoy the rest of my life

Now I am quarantined in my own house

Even outside my doorstep is no longer safe

I am fearful to even go to the supermarket to buy food and essentials

I cannot go to visit friends and family

Forget get travelling the world,

many countries are even doing worse than Australia

I feel like so hungry and thirsty for sugary drinks all the time

And yea, I could use some wine too

I still have to go to work but even there,

the tension is so thick you could slice it with a knife

The social rhythm is so lacking at my workplace

My workplace interactions were a huge part of my life and it’s so dry now

My work used to be a thing to lift my mood

Connecting with co-workers, feeling we had a good productive day

getting out to exercise, moving about

All those things have been taken away,

my mood has been affected so badly

I have been feeling frequently bored

It is like a new, and uncomfortable, experience

I know boredom is a normal

but I have been experiencing it more often

It’s giving me more anxiety and maybe I’m getting depressed

I am not sure what to do now.

For more information and updates contact the health authorities in your current country

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